“Karat of Gold”-Measuremet of purity of precious yellow metal

What is Karat of Gold:

Karat of Gold refers to the quantity of measurement of pure Gold present in any and pure gold refers to 24-Karats. Karat actually means the amount of gold present in an ornament and it does not refer to the actual weight of gold. Generally, Gold is mixed with some metals like nickel, copper, zinc, silver to increase its internal strength and to make it hard. Therefore, the composition of gold present in an ornament changes as a result and hence Karat of gold present in any ornament changes according to the composition of added alloys in it. The purest form of gold has 24 karats in it, whereas alloy form or less pure of gold contains 18 karats, 22 karats, 14 karats, etc. And gold that has less than 14 karats is not usually preferred by gold-buyers as it contains less percentage of gold present in it.

Generally, every piece of Jewelry has the karat information attached to its price tag and in some jewels the Karat information is printed behind it. Karat of Gold is indicated by the letter K and 24 Karat of gold contains the purest yellow metal in it. But gold in this form is very soft and it is more likely to break or crackle, with its regular usage. So, other alloys of metals are added to make it harder and make it less probable to breakage. 22 karats of gold is usually considered to be the best composition of gold to alloy ratio, as it contains both purity and brittle nature. The cost of gold is priced based on the weight of the gold as well as the Karat composition present in the gold.

In order to explain more briefly, that what karat means in terms of numbers, then read the next line carefully. 22 karats of Gold contains 22 parts of gold in it and two parts of added alloys. Whereas 24 karat of gold contains 24 parts of pure Gold in it and does not contain any alloys added to it. So, Karat of gold is best explained with the help of the above set of lines and it means the measurement of purity of gold in an ornament.