Get all relevant information on How to pan for gold.

Think about this. Great sunshine hitting your body, peaceful surroundings, scenic views, and finally the prospect of hitting Gold!

Yes you can hit it big if you learn How to pan for gold (although, do not expect to do it overnight or to get like ten pounds of gold).
Panning for gold is not as hard as you would think. You do not have to use heavy equipments. You get to relax and have a thrilling time looking of gold.

How to pan for gold.
First, you need to find yourself a good pan. These pans have special design and are the main equipment (if not the only) that you will need to pan for gold.
The next thing is location. You have to find somewhere where the likelihood of gold specs is high. This is usually an area that has a high gold bearing possibility.
You need to place yourself somewhere where the stream slows down considerably. Strong currents pick up the gold specs and leave them in the low current areas.
Take a small amount of dirt from the stream and place it in the pan. 3-4 hand-scoops are recommended. Lower your pan into the water and make sure everything is submerged. Remove large rocks broken twigs and other large debris.
Now you need to shake the pan back and forth. Why? Well, to remove the lightweight debris and make them come up to the surface. In addition, it is so that gold specs (naturally heavy) can begin settling down on the pan (thanks to the forces of centrifuge).
Place the pan slightly under the steam. This is to wash the muddy debris off.
Remember to be careful not to tip the pan too much in the stream. You do not want the remaining contents of the pan to wash away.
Rock the pan forward and backward to get as much debris out of the residue as possible. Do this until you are sure that only the heaviest of material lies within your pan.
Swirl, shake, tilt, and rinse until only a small amount of dark material is left on your pan. After all this, you can look at your pan and determine whether there is any gold spec lying there.

Perseverance, patience, pan, are the tools you need to strike gold.

Remember, the thrill lies in the chase and the purist of gold. So do not expect the first time you pan to hit gold. Follow the process above.

Fool’s gold and micah look remarkably like the real thing. Even experienced gold hunters sometimes get it wrong. Do some research and learn the difference.

If you do happen to get some gold specs (and after accumulating a substantial amount of gold specs), visit Birmingham gold buyers, and see what the value of your catch is.

Most of all, remember to have fun and be patient. Follow the instructions on how to pan for gold, and sooner or latter you might hit it big.